Cheating Tips to Beat Joker88 Fish Shooting Gambling Opponents

Cheating Tips to Beat Joker88 Fish Shooting Gambling Opponents

Cheating Tips to Beat Joker88 Fish Shooting Gambling Opponents – In the Joker88 Fish Shoot game, there are several shortcuts to winning this game. Shooting fish online has now become one of the slot game gambling games that are very popular with the fun of killing passing by. This time we want to give some tips to beat your opponents in hunting online fish shooting gambling.

Firing a large fish with a few bullets

In this game, there are many fish to choose from. And from the various types of fish, of course, the prize value is not the same. In this case, it is the big fish that carries a higher reward than the small fish. Therefore, many players are more obsessed with hunting large fish. Big jackpot fish shooting gambling Well, if one of the players is eyeing the fish, then other players will shoot it too.

This was done, because they wanted a last hit with only a few bullets. And for those who managed to kill the fish with bullets. Then he will get the prize. For that, start shooting the big fish with just a few shots. Then stop shooting and aim for the other small fish. Because these small fish have little life. So it will be easy to break. Although the reward of the minnows is not very high. But if you manage to kill a lot of it then you also have nothing to lose.

Stop Playing When Many Opponents Leave

If you are playing and after a few minutes the other players have left. So stop playing. Then you can enter another room with a lot of players. Because if in one room there are only two players. You will find it difficult to trash the fish. Because it certainly requires a lot of bullets, if you want a high reward on a big fish.

Shoot Consecutively at Swarms of Small Fish

If your monitor appears a school of small fish, then start shooting them in succession. This method will confuse your opponent. And at that time, you can shoot one by one from the bullets that aim at the fish that is being targeted by your opponent.