Knowing the Type of Chronic Disease When Inhaling Dust

Knowing the Type of Chronic Disease When Inhaling Dust – Nowadays there are more and more types of diseases that can make people feel afraid to leave the house or meet many people. You can’t avoid the fact that every day we always face dust. Whether it’s at home or on the street. Luckily our noses have fine hairs that function to filter air.

Named cilia, these fine hairs that grow inside the nose serve to ward off dust and other impurities carried in the air. Unfortunately, the cilia cannot completely filter the dirty air. For example, special conditions information disease such as a volcanic eruption that spreads volcanic ash cannot be completely prevented by the nose hair.

Knowing the Type of Chronic Disease When Inhaling Dust

Breathing dirty air in large quantities and continuous exposure will cause health problems in the respiratory system. The following are some of the health problems that can arise from living too much dust or dirty air.

1. Asthma
Reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), asthma is a long-term respiratory health disorder that attacks both children and adults. Sufferers will often experience symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, to tightness in the chest, and these symptoms can be triggered by inhaling air that contains lots of dust and dirt particles.

2. Silicosis
Silicosis comes from the name “silica”, a substance that is often found in rock, sand, and clay. The National Health Service (NHS) defines silicosis as a long-term lung disease that results from inhaling large amounts of crystalline silica.

If not treated immediately, silicosis can increase a person’s risk of developing tuberculosis, heart problems, and kidney disease.

3. Pneumoconiosis
Similar to silicosis, pneumoconiosis is caused by inhaling too much air, which contains dust particles and causes damage to the lungs. Reported by John Hopkins Medicine, there are several types of pneumoconiosis. One of them is the black lungs that arise from inhaling air with coal dust.